NEWS Update: Paystobesocial LTD. launches GroupRail in the UK


Rewarding people for being social
"PTBS utilises smart technology to encourage real face-to-face social interactions"

Once upon a time in a land far away, Ed boarded a crowded train set for the bustling city of Manchester. As he frantically searched for a seat, still shivering from the bite of the cold December air, he turned to see a beautiful woman moving her bag off the chair for him…

Okay, I’ll admit that perhaps is slightly embellished - but there was a train and romance did bloom. Though the significance of the story is not the romance but birth of a business.

Ed thought in that moment, why couldn’t he strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger on the train? Wouldn’t it be just lovely, if people could meet and chat, maybe even save money whilst on the train? As for him it clearly did pay-to-be-social.

Ed got down to business, he quit his job, built a prototype and organised a soft launch at the end of 2015. Flash forward to July 2016, the team has grown from 1 to 8 and the newest platform is almost ready to go live!

Just a little bit more polishing left to go but there are big big BIG plans for this social tech company...

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Meet our rapidly growing and talented team...
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Edward BYRNE

Founder & CEO
Ed is the idea behind this operation aka the CEO and also the glue that holds us all together.

Ed makes the big decisions and a whole lot of little ones!
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Izzy Markwick

Web Developer @NoMayoDigital
We are extremely lucky to be working with the talented team @ No Mayo Digital.

Iz is 1/2 of this dream team and a kick ass web developer who works on everything with the web app itself.
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Strategy & Marketing
Alex deals with the words and the numbers. This probably sounds more ambiguous than it is. Alex is the front of house guy, he generates ideas and strategies and then puts them into effect. Groovy.
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Clare Trembath

Web Developer @NoMayoDigital
One does not work without the other at No Mayo Digital.

Clare is the other half of the kick ass web development team!
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David Somers

Head of Engineering @ Pixie Labs UK
Again, we are lucky to have the help of Pixie Labs UK. David works on the app side of things too.

David figures out what can be done and how and when to do it. The responsibility is real.
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Miriam Jones

The Fantastic PTBS Intern
Writes and researches. Lives for puns.

Keeps everyone on their toes at PTBS!
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John James Scott

Creative Director
John is the incredibly talented designer for everything paystobesocial. Whether it be UI, UX or something else completely. You need to get something designed? Call John. We do… all the time.
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Georgina Kendall

Marketing & Social Media
Very lucky to get Georgina working in the PTBS family. Ridiculously creative and spot on with everything content/social media!

Can actually do everything.. and very well!


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